There are many great guides to life like 12 Rules for Life or 7 habits that have legendary ideas to live by. Here are some that was taught to me on one of our skate adventures and believe they’re pretty powerful because of their simplicity. Plus it’s only 4.

1. No Assumptions

“to Assume, makes an Ass out of You & Me” is truly a powerful quote. A lot of questions and ideas were never even started because someone assumed the answer would be no. They wouldn’t even consider the fact it could be a maybe or they’ll point them in another direction. This is easily one of the biggest reasons goals or ambitions were never done because people will assume a fact without further research or effort.
An interesting example in today’s society is people’s relationship of their body and their accepted ignorance in controlling the outcome.

2. Take Nothing Personal

It’s easy to take something that someone says negatively to you personally. This should not be done. Rather accept their criticism and move on. What someone says is impacted solely on their own situation, you are a passerby in their life. It may be a someone critiquing your business or family member giving relationship advice. The advice they’re giving is personal only to them, they’re giving you this information for you to do something about it. Even someone teasing your outfit speaks more about their own opinion than your own, especially if you’re comfortable in your clothes.

3. Impeccable Words

Remember your words are often the first step from creating something in your imagination into reality. Saying something aloud announces to the universe that you’re aware of it. Often through school my friends would call their first car ‘shit’ or some derogatory name. This only amplifies not only their beliefs yet those around them, allowing their own peers to treat the car the same way. Potentially leaving rubbish, damaging it and at least not caring about its lonjeputy. In some way it’s almost as if the car can hear you talking about it. Considering you don’t have to walk up the hill and carry all your stuff, reckon your car is going alright. The same can be said when people start to treat their phones and laptops like it’s out of date when in reality it’s still a phenomenal piece of technology.

The other side of this is the words we tell ourselves; “That workout killed me”, “I could never do that”. First of all, no it didn’t “kill” you you’re very much still living. Secondly, well maybe you could if you had enough training and preparation for whatever it was. The words we use shape our reality so be precious with them.

4. Do Your Best

This one seems obvious yet is often missed. This goes for whatever you’re doing at your present time. Just to focus on exactly what you’re currently doing and put in as much effort as you can. This could be cooking, sports, reading or going out with your mates. All you have to do is be present in what you’re doing and do what you currently know and think is your best. Another reason why some amazing things aren’t done or created because an individual will be too shy to preform or present their own best effort. What a magical world we’d live in if everyone that went to a party decided to bring their best self.


These rules are pretty general and not terribly hard to keep in mind. There are multiple books that guide self-help and improvement that go into far more detail about habits and ideas that are recommended. The thing is the knowledge about personal growth, that you should always be on the quest to grow.

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