A five year old in charge of a 1 billion dollar fighter jet!
This sounds ludicrous right! however it happens every day, to most of us. I’m talking about the average person’s mind controlling their body. You may still be confused. Everyday a person’s mind is controlling their body, and no matter what the task is the mind almost always gives in before their body. This goes for almost everything studying, learning, creating & training.

When I talk about the mind, I’m not talking about your brain. Your brain is apart of that fighter jet. Rather your consciousness, your soul or whatever you call it. Your brain is one of the largest unexplored places in the universe it’s capable of impressive feats. Scientist say we’re using 10% of our brain (roughly) yet you’re always hear about what people can’t do; I can never play an instrument, learn a language, draw, become a doctor, lawyer, CEO, I’m terrible at maths, science, cooking. Just because someone might enjoy an activity or has an ambition for a profession doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it as well. Everything we do can develop our brain more by, reading, exercise, thinking, playing music, games and meditating. The brain isn’t static, it’s always changing.
Think about everything we use has been thought or invented by someone, absolutely everything. It may have gone through a few people and taken decades of development but at one time it didn’t exist. There’s a high chance that a few people probably told them they couldn’t do that. For example electromagnetic waves (Radio waves) was helped brought to life by James Maxwell in 1892, people named him a witch. The subway when it was being made in London in 1963 politicians stated that they were ‘digging in hell’. To dream is to create. However to quote Colin Powell, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”. So if you believe in something never let your negative thoughts or anyone else’s overwhelm you, the mere fact you’re thinking about it means it can be done. So do it.

Exercise is an area where you can see this most vividly. People give in or don’t even start an exercise that they can do and only list reasons they can’t do it; I’m too tired, sore, don’t have enough time. In reality you could do one more rep, one more lap or get out of that bed. You’re just giving in before your body. Imagine if you finished your last lap, then a psycho with a knife started chasing you, you’d run. Or you’re pumping iron and a really attractive person comes in you could keep going. There’s a rule in working out, the 40% rule. Which states when someone thinks they’re done they’re only 40% done. A easy way to know if you’re at your limit is when you need so much oxygen, blood flow gets taken away from the stomach inducing vomiting. When your muscles are sore during a workout that’s not a bad thing in fact it’s good. It means you’re causing damage to your muscle fibres, which in turn will repair and come back stronger (growing muscle). Your body is an impressive machine with millions of years of evolution. Even basic functions such as becoming sick, your body is actually increasing your temperature to burn the infection, making you cough or block nose to get rid of it and you feel achy because it’s fighting the infection. Your body is capable of some impressive shit, admire it, challenge it.

However there are some points where you push your body to the limit. Your body lets you know it. These include; vomiting from over exercise or alcohol and extremes of temperature hyper & hypothermia. Your body and brain can cope with a lot more than you think. People should read more, create more and learn more rather then just sitting in front of a television screen.

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