Life is like a river/escalator/climbing a mountain, use any analogy you like the fact is it will keep moving forward whether you make it or not  


An interesting concept given to anything that has a subjective experience. Depending on your understanding pretty much everything can be alive (Recommended Read: Waking Up – Sam Harris). Now from the state of living you really have to choices; living or dying/growing or decaying. There is no staying stationary. If you try to stand stationary life will take it with you.

“Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not”.- Uncle Iroh, Last Air Bender

The flow of it is strong and always changing, the only consistency is change. To have a fulfilling life it must be filled with meaningful experiences and connections. Not money and things, this only provides clutter. Although if you have your celery test correct it can help you focus on what matters.

The Flow

Life is always flowing, the best way to visualize this is to picture it like a river. You don’t know where and how it will take you, you can just set your sail and adjust. If you try to fight the flow or do something to drastic it can prove extremely difficult or have some bad consequences. This is best explained when following the flow of travel (Which I talk about here) 

Because our brain is split into 2 parts they can literally have objecting issues. Diving in further you have conscious & Sub-conscious. This can make it difficult to know if you’re in flow. When you know it’s right and feel it’s right at the same time you have a pretty good idea… and it’s a win-win (no one gets hurt).

Your Path

Imagine your life A straight line from point A to point Z. If you do the bare minimum you can make it no problem. you can add whatever material possessions and money to it as you want although it may not be fulfilling at the end. Would you like your gravestone to be your bank account number and a list of the things you got?

Instead creating a life loaded with meaningful experiences and thoughtful connections can make it more enriching then anything. Yes there’s a saying “I’d prefer to be crying in a Ferrari”, well I’d prefer to be smiling on a a beach or with a friend or just smiling.

The best way to start acting on this is with your mind and ideas. Whatever you think may be cool to do, do it! to make, make it! Everything in this world started in the mind of someone, it was their job to bring it to life.

life WIth Stuff copy
life With Experience

Celery Test

How to know you’re in the right flow. I say right because people spend their hole lifes to accomplish something they think they want and then get there and find nothing. 

First you need a worth wile goal. This can be hard when looking at your life as a hole, easier when breaking it down into smaller sections i.e. Business, Relationships, Health... It’s simply a reason why. Why you’re doing what you’re doing or want you want to do.

The Test: Say you’re going shopping for food. You get all this great advice from friends, mentors, teachers and the world in what you should get;
‘get potato chips it worked great for me’ 
‘No, soy milk lasts long’
‘Get cheddar cheese, it’s delicious’
‘Grab celery it’s cheap’
‘Muesli bars, convenient and easy’
All this great advice from amazing people for whatever their reason why. So now you’re walking out the shops with a hole bunch of stuff, paid a lot and no idea what you’re doing. You’re confused, the cashiers confused… your dogs confused. 
So now you get the same advice, however you have a reason, a why i.e. To be healthy. Now when you go you grab the soy milk & celery. You go to the checkout, not only are you more satisfied with your selection others can see it to. The cashier might say ‘Oh you’re being healthy, I’m a personal trainer …” and you’ve made a friend or got a great connection just by doing what you believe. With the clarity you may even remember small things like to get dog food. Now yours dogs happy to.

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