This world seems pretty crazy right now having a huge reactive response and not being very proactive. So before you respond to any news you get or receive here are a few ideas (from infinite possibilities) that could be happening with Covid-19 (CoronaVirus).

The Situation 

So you’re probably aware about the out break of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) happening and the world going into complete lock down. This is an extremely out of the ordinary situation and very unique events that have never happened before (although with the new technology and developments anything happening now would be a new experience). 
So lets look at some extreme ideas about this virus it’s origins and how it could develop. Just for fun I’ll also take out the positives & flaws of each situation!
Note: Please read with an open mind, remember these are just ideas. I personally don’t know all the details behind everything. These are just thought bubbles. 

1. China did it!

Since the out break in China they’ve now came back to normal with not as many new cases and there economy steadily on the rise. Even more interestingly it was after the trade agreement with the US (where they seemed to have ‘lost’ the deal(not sure how you can loose an agreement but that’s what media says)). So this had lead to a few people theorizing that it did originate as a planned pandemic.   
This is a great way for a country to start an incognito war in the 21st century slowing economy, trade, education and lives in general. Lowers motivation of a country and makes citizens scared for their personal well being. Giving China an advantage in a lot situations. 


You can connect quiet a few dots and come up with crazy theories. Although not a very strong debate. In the long run it wouldn’t help China strength there economy because it’s heavily relies on the rest of the world. Also China’s doing a pretty good job at taking over the world on their own, they don’t need help. 


Even if this is happening it doesn’t seem like a terrible situation. No nukes were launched, no mass deaths (relatively speaking comparing this out break to literally anything including just famines in WW2). If they did use this then every country should applaud themselves for doing such a good job on prevention and control (sorry Italy). If the worst is no toilet paper then we have to be extra cautious not to shit ourselves.

2. AI is King

Machine learning has been around since 1950s and has been implemented in anything it could since then. Everything that pops up on your YouTube or home of any social media is orchestrated by machine learning, anything you search on Google is created by an algorithm. Conscious Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the talks recently. If it did become a thing and become self aware or even just following a protocol it probably wouldn’t take over the world terminator style.

It would potentially analyse this world and see what needed to be done. Maybe put a crazy republican in charge of the strongest country by controlling social media and peoples beliefs. Then make countries disagree with policies maybe breaking countries away from unions (UK) or situations like the trade agreement. potential provoke situations in already battling nations (Middle East, Spain). Then bring in an epidemic. Closing countries links and trade. Make uncertainty rise in the world and slowly bring it to it’s knees throughout means we have no idea of… yet. 

The craziest thing about this is if AI was doing it, we would be completely unaware. Due to it’s supreme intelligence and controlling ability (think you have control of what’s in your news feed? think again!)


As much as I love this idea. We aren’t that smart yet to create an AI, as close as we are. If it did take over and want to bring the world to it’s knees, there are a lot more other options to do it more efficiently i.e. nukes.
If AI was in control would be doing all this to somehow benefit society in ways we can’t see yet. The reason it taking so long is the bandwidth & efficiency of us (humans).    


AI could learn everything we as a society know in an instant. With any piece of knowledge on demand. So who wouldn’t love to be under the responsibility of an all knowing AI (people live there lives by an imaginary inefficient one already).

3. Y2K again?

This event is crazy, and people are taking everything from shelves due to social news spreading. Airports, shops, beaches, pubs and many others are closing down because of government demand. A percentage of the population think the world is coming to an end or something terrible is going to happen. This is hectic. 


From the Y2K people bunking down and buying out supplies. Some of the claims on global warming and the lack of resources by 2000. Yellow super volcano eruptions. 1938 Alien Invasion broadcast were people literally went crazy. Witch hunts of the 16th-17th century (FF. Kepler’s mum was accused, then the scientific method & science fiction was born ). Halley’s commit collisions. Mayan calendar ending.

There are many points in history were in hindsight everyone seemed to be crazy for thinking something completely based on conspiracy and theories. The amount of people seems to be correlated to; amount of people that could be affected and the amount of people aware of the situation happening.  

Throughout history we have had many similar events. Each one extremely different. The 2 biggest reasons why this seems the biggest and impactful;
1, Internet gives and minute by minute update. Before if you were at war you could remain in complete bliss until it’s over or until you are (ignorance is bliss).
2, because it’s happening to you! now! looking at past events always seem less painful then they were at the time (ask any mother that’s given birth twice). 


you’ll get to see how silly everyone is, and how much time they wasted by occupying their mind with crazy thoughts.

Take away

Anything could happen any day. Live in the present and not the make believe place of the future.

It’s fine to think about situations and future possibilities but just observe them as thoughts and look at them subjectively. The moment thoughts are controlling your mind, then it’s in control of your body and then you can go crazy. You’re breathing, have food and a positive goal to focus on. Keep going and don’t occupy your mind with terrible thoughts. 

More thoughts and interesting reads

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