In life you basically have to options: to occupy your time, creating or consuming. 

What’s what

Every moment you can choose to consume information or to create something. This isn’t to prove one is more essential. It’s to prove that they both rely on each other. For someone to live their life to the fullest they must have a balance of both.


Consuming information is what we predominately do now days. With a single scroll down your phone screen you could get more gossip then what was possible in months in the middle ages. Any website you look at there is an overwhelming amount of information to see, people less then 100 years ago would be flabbergasted. Then on top of all that we watch a stupid amount of television go see movies and binge Netfilx. This isn’t including news people read, social media sites everyone accesses and the mindless gossip that’s shared. 

Overall now days we are doing a lot of consuming and if it isn’t done in a balance then it can really damage you both physically and mentally. Sometimes people spend a hole day just consuming. Consuming isn’t bad, it’s actually essential. To learn you need to consume. Learning to read, walk, communicate or learn any skill you need to have a teacher. Even to just get inspiration for something you’re working on you need to consume. However you can’t keep doing it. You don’t just let someone explain to you how to walk or talk then never practice it. It’s unlikely you’ll learn all the theory about music then never play it.

Consuming can help better your understanding & knowledge of anything but where it really adds up is when you start using it and creating.


Arguably one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. Yet few keep pushing themselves to do anything about it. Creating isn’t limited, actually limitless! You can; create a work of art, piece of music, a video, writing, a photo or build something. You could even; have an adventure, make a job, start a passion, help someone, setup an experience or create a life.

Like Yin & Yan you can’t have one without the other. Although similar to dying & living, creating is where you start to feel alive. You can feel a sense of achievement  from all your consuming. It’s where you can put all that you learnt into practice. You never have to show what you do you can keep it to yourself, and after can learn from it and grow!

The Problem

Nowadays because it’s so easy and mindless to consume literally anything, that’s all a lot of people do. Can get halfway through there life and wonder what it was all for. Some are lucky and atleast can point to their kids and say that’s what they’ve done (that’s kinda a cop out, unless you wanted that for your hole life and you’ve made some dam awesome kids!).  
Here’s an interesting article in how much we actually consume today compared to even 100 years ago!


Obviously to have the right ratio! there’s a very interesting post that talks about a 2:1 Ration of Creating to Consuming. It explains that we should actually be spending more time creating and you’ll be surprised in what good it’ll do for you. It’ll help you ways you won’t expect! Be motivated to wake up in the morning to start something, energized & passionate throughout the day and when you see TV or anything it’ll feel like you’re wasting time unless you really deserve it.

So, Create More!

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