Today we’ve got so much time on our hands (particularly now because of COVID-19 ). A lot of people are using their time consuming TV & social media. Why not do something that you enjoy

All the time in the world!… Not*

We have so much spare time in our day that is often wasted. Now with the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) it’s made more apparent then ever. Yet people take it so for granted. Spending a lot of their time binging shows, scrolling social media and doing other meaningless tasks. This is overall consuming information and media produced by companies or other people (talked about here)
This can often make you feel empty or meaningless afterwards. Leaving you with a lack of accomplishment. However if you used that same time to learn something, draw, write, exercise, dance, sing or create anything you’re left with a longer feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.  

Just Start!

I guarantee this is the hardest step in the hole process. It’s like looking at the mountain you’re about to climb before you start. Even before I started writing this post I had to mentally convince myself. Even though you have ‘enough time’ to do it later it’s easier to just sit their and let your mind meaninglessly consume something. Although as enticing or as interesting as a show is you’ll eventually feel a lack of satisfaction. 
Rather then clicking play on a Netflix show or swiping up on Facebook/Instagram. I dare you to just put down some dot points of something you want to write about, or a video you want to start or do 5 minutes of something you want to learn or do. The moment you start it’s a lot easier to get into rhythm and keep moving. (Moving an object that is stationary is the hardest part, the moment you get it going it gets easier)

Wow! Look At That

After you’ve started something the sense of accomplishment is amazing. Even a small step in the right direction will do wonders for your mind. Releasing serotonin & dopamine making you physically feel a reward. As well as have the accomplishment in front of you. If it’s something you’ve made or done it’ll have a bigger positive impact on your life.
Even more impactful is if it’s something you’ve made. That you can keep or use forever and that thing you did now will last. Even better is if you used your small amount of time whether it’s an hour or a week and made a gift for someone. Then they can keep it forever and you’ll always have an impact on their life (well as long as they don’t loose it, but hen they’ll feel bad and you’ll get extra brownie points)

Make It Cool Or Have A Goal 

To help motivate you have a goal of something you want to accomplish. It could be a fitness goal, a skill you want to learn or something you want to achieve. But if you have something you can strive for it’ll help you wake up in the morning or even just help you get started and begin moving that boulder.  

Make something cool. If you want to make something. Make something you want to make, or would like to make. As hard or as big as it is just start. This could be anything from a beanie, a custom van or an app. Make something that you’d be proud of and would love to show the world. 

Your Death Bed

That escalated quickly. Before you click ‘skip to the next episode’ or scroll down one more time. Imagine you are there, dying. Looking back at your life and looking at everything you’ve done. Make it so you’re not their wishing that you did something that you just keep putting of. Even if it’s a massive goal or task. Just start it and start now. You’ll probably need to start now cause you’re going to f*ck up a few times before you’re happy with it.

On that note. Enjoy your quarantine and happy creating!

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