Less of a diet more of a way to eat food. Just to look at food with more respect to it and the impact it has on our lives. Your body can only put out what you put out what you put in. Fact. The knowledge and ideas that’ll be discussed come from a few books including; Eat to Live, Own the Day, Gut & Sapiens. As well as personal experience and observations. Here are 7 ideas to help your mind.

Eat Necessarily & Responsibly

The moment food is brought up in your mind or in conversation it’s first best to do a body check. Check yourself and ask if you’re actually hungry. Do you require food at the present moment or is it just a passing thought. Could the feeling be a form of just looking for something to do. A lot of the time people eat because they’re just told it’s time for food rather than actually feeling hungry. If someone offers you food it’s not bad to take it just be aware if it’s out of greed or gluttony.

Eat Sensibly & What’s Available 

Over indulgence is a serious issue in our culture today. The human body is capable of running on extremely low amounts of food. The stomach stretched is about as big as your 2 hands opened so a meal never needs to be that big. A meal should be an appropriate size. Sometimes it does take a while for your brain to process it has eaten so eating at a sensible pace is definitely recommended (That’s why chopsticks are so awesome!) 

Everywhere in this world is different. From country to country and from beaches to mountains the cousin that is there is always different. Locally sourced food is great because you get to taste the culture, potentially try something new, support local community and use less resources for your meal.

Eat Logically. It’s Your Choice

A meal is something to get excited for. Feel and think about the meal you want to have don’t be told. Unless you’re being offered then be grateful. Something you get to create and have. Literally creating your cake and eating it too, where both experiences can be admired.  

Eat Mindfully

Eating when something is happening is also a common habit. When a movie is on, people eat popcorn. Or they’ll eat dinner at the TV then wander where it’s all gone halfway through. Food is the source of life, we are only what we put into us. It should be enjoyed rather than thrown down a hole. Take in every flavour and think about each ingredient, it’s something to be valued. There was a lot of people that helped put that potato on your plate!  

Eat & Sleep

After a large meal it’s common for people to feel drowsy. Usually because they’ve eaten so much that a lot of blood has to go to the stomach to process digestion. This is why strenuous exercise after a meal is not great. Though mild exercise and some digestion time is definitely needed. Eating 2 hours before you sleep is recommended. It also allows your stomach to re-adjust.

Going to bed full means you’ll wake up hungry because your stomachs been stretched then is empty. Vice versa going to bed hungry you’ll wake up fuller as your stomach will shrink.

Love to Eat

Eat because you want to not told to. Have a cake because you like that cake or you’re craving some not just because it’s there. Common habit is people eating out of social pressures though it’s your choice what you put in your mouth. May as well make it enjoyable and not a punishment!

Eating meat that requires taking another’s life and is terribly impactful on our planet. The consumption of meat should be significantly reduced world wide. Even as delicious as it may be, especially todays time meat should be respected a lot more when it’s cooked and eaten. 

What about lions, they eat meat then sleep? True. Although lions can’t choose to be a vegetarian or read about ways to improve their health. Their digestion systems are developed for processing raw meat. Which takes a lot longer to digest. Having more recovery time also allows them to eat a lot less meals.

Drink Water!

Seriously, it’s the elixir of life! When people say you need 2L/per day to be healthy. Who put everyone with a 2L water tank in there stomach? Minimally you should have 2L although probably should be a lot more! 


Personally I eat anything that’s put in front of me and do not always follow my own advice. Though I am aware of it and always trying to do better. Whilst Lifeguarding between Summer & Winter I’d drink between 3-8L although then on the weekends I’d drink double that of alcohol. Still eat meat though seriously trying to reduce it and when I do indulge I make sure to enjoy it. Always try to reduce my impact and would prefer to eat leftovers or what’s going to be thrown out than get something new. It’s all about balance and a consistent self improvement as small as that may be. 

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