So you survived school. The pressure of your parents, teachers and peers has finally been lifted! Now what? There’s 2 main decisions kids here take.
1.  Go have a Gap Year, see the world and find themselves
2.  Head straight to University and start their lives journey
We’ll discuss both sides positives and negatives. We’ve discussed this topic with people in all ages of life from just finishing studies, people well into their career, some who are still nomadic & even people that did neither of these options.

Gap Year!

Yes, you’re done! Saved some cash with a part time gig during school or you want to work casually for a couple months. Then Backpack Europe, motorbike Vietnam or road trip America. You’ll go for a few months, half a year or a year to find yourself and then you’ll have a better understanding of what you wanna do.

+ Positives

  • This sounds like a very logical approach because you can’t commit to something you don’t know what you enjoy. You first need to discover who you are and a great way is to get away from your regular routine and do something new
  • You’ve been dreaming to go to this place since school and would love visit and experience it. There’s something there you want to see or experience
  • You’re done with the study scene. Need a break to refresh the brain. The time away will be a good way to reset your mind and start your life after a hectic year

The other side

  • Every trip you go on, for the rest of your life will be like this whether its straight after school or 5 years after Uni. You’ll always come back from a epic trip a little different. Everything may not have changed when you return but you will have
  • This place isn’t going anywhere. It’ll be there in 10 years and you might even have some new friends to show you around
  • Life Rule #1: Never stop learning. Even if you’re travelling you’re learning about new cultures & reading books. Really school is more of a giant playground where you happen to do some work

Really we can’t think of to many other positives for the decision. It’s a great life changing experience but really you’re still a baby! you’ve barely passed the tutorial of life and now you’re like ‘Come at me world!’. You will have a lot of fun but then will also have higher expectations on yourself for when you return.
You also may have no idea what you’d want to study. That’s not a problem! Just do something you can do, or mildly interests you. We have friends that changed their degree 5 times in 3 years & have jobs after Uni that isn’t even closely related to what they studied it’s not set in stone.
Or your ATAR isn’t high enough? if you want to get into something you can. No matter what. ATAR is just a number you can always find a way!

So you already see which way we’re leaning this discussion to.

Straight to the books

Bang! you’re out the gate. Applying for all the Universities you can & waiting for all those delicious acceptance emails you’ll be getting. You may have a clear mind in where you’re going or clueless you just want to get in the system. Honestly this is a very good option, here’s why.

+ Positives

  • You’re in! Now you’re in University and enrolled you’d be surprised how easy it is to change your degree, major or university all together
  • Keep the momentum going. Life is all about learning even after Uni you should never stop trying to expand your knowledge. At school you learnt a hole bunch of interesting facts that have probably been wiped away due to… toxins.
    However Uni really gives you a good grasp on how to acquire more knowledge, learn for yourself and actually do you.
  • New Friends. My mates Dad said “You’ll keep some friends from school, but ones the last you’ll meet at uni“. I underestimated that statement. From new housemates, study buddies & exchange students you’ll meet a ton of awesome people that actually have a similar mindset as you and didn’t happen to be in the same box where you grew up. Also a few of them may have some awesome hookups & houses for when you do go over seas 😉
  • University in itself is a whole new experience. There’s societies & clubs you can join, you can go on exchange and even just move out of home. You’re only studying 28 weeks of the year! You have a lot of time for activities!!

The other side

  • Grades may not allow you to get in
  • You hated school and think university will be the same . You’re done and just need a break from everything
  • Think your buddies at school will be their for life and you don’t want to meet anyone new, just going to stay in your old crew
  • I have nothing for this one

Writing “the other side” for those dot points for me just embellished how good it can actually be. When you go to University go with an open mindset and not be so strict in what you’re studying. I had a friend that went swapped through 5 completely different degrees and 2 universities and then ended up doing something completely different. When you were 6 you had different ambitions to what you have now and the same thing will happen in 5 years from now.

Our conclusion …

So we’re going with go straight to Uni! get out there start doing something, anything! Pick it by choosing something you’re interested in OR something that you were good at. I could do computers and software so I chose Computer Science even though I’ll probably never be in an office job.
Once you’re in University take advantage!Join Societies/Clubs, go to events, you have a student card now… Abuse the fuck out of it! you still have 2 huge breaks plan some hectic trips! even those mid-sem breaks there’s always stuff happening.
If you’re parents live 1+ hours away move out of home! you won’t regret it, the people and experience you’ll have is unbeatable. if you are close, then you might want to save & keep those mummy meals but at least join some clubs and get more involved with the social side of uni. You don’t get the luxury of meeting roommates, roommates friends, freely going out all the time and having hectic house parties ;P

That was our opinions, if you agree of think that we’re complete full of it we’d love to hear what you think below!

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