Have you ever wished you could fly? Well, you Can!

If it was just to a limited height or inside a limited area and there was a device to give you the ability to fly, would you still do it?

Less than you think

Flying would be awesome, right? If someone offered me a billion dollars, even to fly for just an hour, I would definitely take up the offer! Although, many of us do it every day, and we take it for granted.

Just imagine…

Next time you’re driving, imagine that the car is invisible – like Wonder Woman’s jet. Everyone would believe you’re flying even though you’d know you aren’t. It’d appear a lot like flying. Now, colour that car in – and boom! All of a sudden, because of a simple visual illusion, no one believes you’re flying anymore.

Flying isn’t flying…skating is flying!

When you’re in a plane, unless you’re piloting it, you could easily be in a hot-air balloon or a roller coaster. You have no control over where it’s going. On the other hand, if you’re on a skateboard a mere five inches off the ground, and you’re cruising down a perfect hill, your skateboard could equally as easily be a hover board! It can’t effortlessly go over holes and bumps in the road, but it can get you moving a lot faster – plus it’s a lot more fun! Remember our invisible car story? The same thing applies here. If your board was invisible – boom! Flying! It’s the same concept for snowboarding, surfing, cycling, and anything else you can imagine.

What is fear?

When you’re afraid of something, what are you really scared of?

Fear is always the future

There are a lot of bogus quotes about fear. Some quotes are about how to overcome fear, others state that it’s false evidence appearing real. In reality, it’s all just your perception of the future.

Let’s take the fear of heights as an example. If you’re scared of heights, you wouldn’t want to go up a tall building. But then – boom! You walk out of the lobby and you’re on the roof. Now it’s not the building or the roof you’re scared of, it’s the edge. You turn around, and you’re on the edge. Wow! Now it’s not the edge that you’re scared of, it’s falling off the edge. Ohp! You slipped! Suddenly, you’re not scared of falling anymore. You’re scared of hitting the ground.  

It’s just exciting!

The hero isn’t a hero because he lacks fear. He’s a hero because he does it anyway. Heroes, don’t even show fear. They get excited. It’s the same with athletes and professionals in any field. Before a game, a professional player may show some nervousness, but there would be even more excitement to match that nervousness.

Every time you think you’re feeling fear, just pretend it’s excitement!

Materialize fiction!

Have you ever wondered how inventors invent, or how thinkers come up with ideas? All you need is a notebook and a pen.

It’s that simple!

Have you ever thought of a new idea, plan, or goal? Did you want to bring it to life? Well, every idea, from the lightbulb to capitalism, started in someone’s head. Then, the next step needs to be taken to bring that idea into the universe. It needs to be materialized. Saying it out loud, so the universe can hear you, is a good start. Saying your thoughts out loud, though, is fleeting, and maybe the universe isn’t always listening. A better idea would be to lend the ear of someone in real life. For this to work, though, they would have to fully involved with your idea or it will just disappear with them. Recording it is the next best bet. Even then, if you don’t listen to voice notes already, you’re probably not going to. What does that leave us with?

Write it, draw it, create it  

Writing it down is the obvious first step. When you put your idea to paper, you materialize your it in this universe for the first time. This is incredibly powerful, both in terms of thought processes, such as the law of attraction, and in creating your future.

When you can visualise your idea, it doesn’t just give your brain a new way of looking at it. It also gets your mind working on it. Now it’s no longer a fuzzy, vague concept. It has shape. Even if that shape is a word with a circle around it.

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