How to create your own personal notebook/diary/ideas book. In 3 easy steps! with items you have at home. 
These are insanely useful for writing down ideas, thoughts or progress on anything. the even more amazing thing about it is it fits comfortably in your pocket and you won’t even realise it’s there!

Step 1. Create a Cover

Make a 2 page split column layout on word or google docs (Format > Columns > 2). 
Then make the top half whatever you’d like as the cover, remember the right side will be the from and left the back.
On the next page make the top half whatever quotes you’d like, or have more images! it’s your book.
Then print it! (double sided)

Here’s a link to my draft if you want to copy the layout.

create a template on word or google docs

Step 2. Cut & Laminate 

With the printed copy then cut it to size and chuck it in the laminate machine. If you don’t have one you can get it done for <$1 at office works.

Also cut 5 A4 pieces 5mm down off the top and the side. Then cut it in half.


Step 3. Hole Punch & Tie

Fold the laminated cover in half, and the now 10 1/2 A4 sheets. Hole punch through the middle top and bottom of the laminated cover and the 1/2 A4 sheets.

Finally tie a bit of string through the holes provided by you. I used my tea bag string but can be as stylish as you’d like.

hole Punch the laminate
Finished Note books or 2020 journal

The Finished product

Here is your 2020 VAPD, Diary, Journal, book, ideas log or really whatever you want to use this useful thing for.

Remember you can put anything on any side so be fun with it. need to remember some notes, like an image, have some quotes or a business? do whatever you want and have fun with it.

If you want another book, just cut the string and add more pages 😛 

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