Karma is an extremely misunderstand word. Simply meaning; for an action there’s a reaction. It’s similar to the Dao or can relate it to Yin & Yan; when a waterfall falling its Yin though on its crash it’s Yan. One can’t happen without the other.

The karma one develops over is built up by their own decisions they take through life. Karma is universal it can’t be escaped even through death (In fact untimely deaths generates more karma). Terrible misdeeds that happen to innocent people may not be happening because of their karma but the universal karma that has been created. People rob, murder & rape because of the situation they are in. It may have been society, parental or peers that caused it to happen yet that karma was generated. Now the post stress and sadness brought to the victim and the victims friends & family is karma that is brought into the world.

This process can’t be stopped only understood. Here’s an example;
a lion killing a buck brings very little karma into this world because the lion doesn’t have choice of being a vegetarian. It may also kill the eldest least adept for the situation. The lion then gets to feed and potentially get to feed its pride. Even after multiple scavengers will have access to the corpse using every part of that life.
Sometimes a lion may make a poor decision and hunt the wrong one where there’s a big daddy buffalo behind the tree ready to save the calf or maybe it’s a pack of hyenas that it didn’t detect and are awaiting to take the lions prey.

Understanding that situation can help control your own karma. Going to the shops often toss up should I get a nutritious snack or something cheaper and beer. Both these situations generate karma, one possibly towards a healthy body and the other to a drunken mistake. As long as you learn you can walk that line between order and chaos, than your life can be so much more fulfilling. Still understand that everything comes in waves; sometimes you may have a bad week or month (‘it’s Deceeemmmbbeerr’) or even bad luck. The best is to let go and live on. The more you think about the past the more you’ll be pushed there. The better you envision your future the more you’ll be pulled towards it.

For more Sadhguru has written a beautiful book if you wish to explore karma further, click here!

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