Thinking about your mind & life can get pretty complicated. So lets simplify it. Make it 2D so we can look at it better.

Life in 2D

Instead of going up the dimension scale we’re going to try and simplify it by going down. Then with our new concept we’ll observe with it in different scenarios. 

Imagine … you & your life on a 2D plain. We’ll represent you as a box. Everything you think, perceive or feel goes on side that box. Remember around you there are lots of other boxes that you can relate to but can’t see inside. You can only see the lines that you’d be able to perceive from your little box. There are lots of other things and shapes around you that you can see but maybe not understand as much as the other boxes.

3d to 2d

We’ve basically flattened 3D space to look at some interesting concepts. For example thinking outside the box is now obvious; Thinking of an idea that isn’t coming from your personal perceptions and instead from other source outside it. We can see the outside of the box and with different methods analyse the box. However we’re not exactly sure what’s going on inside or how inside works

Mind & Drugs

We basically take drugs (coffee, alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, acid…) to alter our perceptions of the world. Whether it is a coffee to be a more energetic square. Beer to be a more loose wiggly square.

Marijuana is where it starts to get interesting. It kind of makes the stuff going on in your square phasing ability. Be able to go outside your square and observe the world with a new view. Even a tree or shell can seem to have new life. That’s why out of the box thinking is easier because you can see it from different perspective easier. That’s why getting baked and coming up with ideas can be so much fun.
Paranoia is also apparent common thing when getting high. People get so anxious looking into other peoples boxes they forget to go back into theirs and just be in the present moment (in words of Eckhart). I’m not  saying looking into other boxes can make you a mind reader although it just gives you the ability to see from another perspective more easily. 

Acid & Shrooms are real mind benders. They distort your vision of the plain completely where shapes seem to come apart and you can look at even a simple edge and be completely taken away. It makes even the most mundane things can become awe-inspiring. 

2d plain on drugs
An idea of what your body/mind is like on drugs
2d plain high weed

Meditation & Enlightenment 

Meditation is just being aware of your square and the present moment around it. Enlightenment is a bit trickier. I’m not claiming to be a master here, this is just an idea. To explain it we’ll need to expand our little 2D universe a bit. Imagine something below the 2D plain, a type of life energy, chakra, higher consciousness or ‘god’ using that term loosely. The way this energy represents itself in our 2D universe is through each of the shapes. Whether it be your square, my square a mouses circle or a trees dodecagon. We can’t perceive this energy because it’s 3D, in the 3rd dimension and we’re just simple flatlanders. Although it’s still present in all of us. 

Enlightenment is like rising above the plain. Your box stays there but whatever is going on inside the box rises above and can see the hole plain for what it is (Again being able to look above the squares doesn’t give the ability to mind read). It can see the energy coming through each one of the holes in the canvas and it can see the light on the other side shining through each of the holes. Maybe not fully conceptualizing what a light bulb is and it’s meaning but rather understanding that it’s their. 


Time & Other Concepts

Simplifying reality is really good to do when looking at higher level thinking, or thinking about thinking. Rather then trying to use our 3rd dimension as a base take a step back and look at it from 1 level below. This can help grasp what something would be like.

For example time. adding another dimension to our 2D universe lets make it time. This would now appear as the Z axis. Your life would be represented as a long spiraling square. Appearing out of nowhere and starting as a small baby square then slowly growing and spiralling around the now 3D landscape then finally coming to an end.   

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