So much time at home. What should you do to benefit from the current world situation of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Become Better

Any day in life is ultimately purposeless if you end it worse of then when you started.  You always should strive to improve, even if it’s from making a mistake that day and learning from it.
So now we’re in lock down you shouldn’t stop doing this. In fact make it more prominent then ever. Create a list of small goals that you’d like to achieve. So then after this hole event happens. When people ask you what did you do? you can tell them!

To get your ideas flowing here’s a list of my goals that I’ve set out to achieve during the next few weeks in lock down. They’re simple ones but hope I can inspire you to do something similar.

  • Olives! – So the only food in the world currently that I am not a fan of. Olives. You can learn to love anything by breaking down your previous perceptions and with enough practice or consistency. I am having atleast an olive a day to come out of this as a man who fears no food! 😀 
  • Business Setup (Hammbag) – Currently working on a bag we invented (Hammbag). There’s a fair bit of work that goes into making a new product. Now I get a lot more time to perfect suppliers, setup website, crowd funding, social media sites, images and content. As well as think of ideas for the future!
  • Pistol Squat – So my gyms taken away from me, so now it’s time for body weight! I want to conquer a pistol squat (1 legged squat ass to grass). Besides looking bad ass, doing this while skating looks really fun!
  • Sitting to Hand Stand – I used to be able to go from a seating position to hand stand. After shoulder surgery I can no longer do it. Until now! heaps of time to practice body weight exercises. 
  • Muesli Bars – I am a terrible cook. Seriously terrible. However there’s a few things I’d like to master. Muesli bars & protein balls being one of them. So guess whose having a few cooking classes!
  • 2 Books – A slow reader at best of times. Preferring audio books so I can skate or run and listen. However now with all this time, I got 2 books I’d like to finish by reading them! Slowly getting there, but I’ll get there. 
  • Sam Harris – Meditation is an amazing exercise you can practice throughout this. Sam Harris has some guided courses that I’ve been recommended. More so, I’d like to do this to learn to give my own guided meditation experience. 
  • DGG App – Yeah, I’ve got a few app ideas. One so close to completion. Just needs a little more ground work. You can see what it is here. So I’d like to atleast fill up the database and get version 1 up online.
  • Edit Videos – I have some footage on my computer some recent some that’s been there for literally years! and I’ve never done anything with it. So I need to edit those videos. One is of Vivid, one a music video and another a legendary wedding I recently got to attend.
  • Dance Move – I’d like to by the end of the year have a good 30 second dance routine smashed out just so I can rep any dance circle that i come by. So going to learn my first entry move into it! 

Yeah, So that’s me. After this lockdown I would’ve done or mastered this list! This has helped motivate me to stay active mentally and physically during this time and not just use it as a blank period of my life and actually use it to help grow.

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