Our world has progressed a lot very recently, creating inventions that weren’t even thought imaginable a short time ago. Yet humanity seems to be too caught up with itself to see the ‘big picture’. We’re going through a crucial time for our survival as a species. Within the next 50 to 100 years we’re going to need to make it or quiet literally, break it.
We’re going to explain from the past 50 years. 1969 we landed on the moon, a great feat and a moment that should’ve been a pivot point for humankind. So let’s pretend it was, and imagine we all got our heads out of our ass’ and started working together. Not saying competition is always bad, that’s what got us to the moon. It’s just depressing seeing the only the thing that can convince nations to progress is saying “mines better than yours”. Just think of the progression if Russia and US helped each other…
So we’ve got to the moon! with an average spending of 24 billion dollars a year or 3% of the US federal budget (since then has dropped to <0.5%). This short 10 year period of excellence lead us to inventions such as;

  • Satellite TV, communications & navigation originally used to help communicate to astronauts.
  • SPOC – Shuttle portable onboard computer, or better known now as laptops. Used to carry out space navigation and other onboard functions.
  • Power tools – NASA first commissioned Black&Decker to make a portable battery drill to collect rock samples from the moon
  • Telemedicine, from pacemakers to blood pressure sensors. Being able to monitor someone’s health remotely and keep astronauts healthy.
  • New displays, 3D graphics, joy sticks, improved smoke detectors and many more astonishing inventions were sparked from this great endeavour.

So now that humanity is working together there is no need for war and military. For the US alone that leaves a whopping 54% (600 billion$) to be spent at will each year. Not to mention all the brilliant minds we’d attain that aren’t going to waste killing each other due to war or doing irrelevant tasks. These 2 factors alone would scale humanity to a level we couldn’t even fathom. If the entire military budget was used on NASA in 10 years we could have a colony on mars with approximately 40,000 people! Or send 14 people each year with enough supplies to cover an acre each. Remember this isn’t even thinking about the new discoveries, technologies and infrastructure upgrades that would again increase. The medicare & health budget is currently 6% (66 billion). An increase in it would result in not only having better health across the planet, but in turn saving lives, limiting depression and making better living environments, again collecting more minds to push the development of civilisation. With just half of India’s military budget (55 billion) not only would it be possible to cure most diseases in India, but creating housing and decent living conditions would be easily achievable.

Another huge turning point that we’ve achieved was the creation of the internet. Connecting the world, creating a planetary communication system. This is one of the first step towards Type 1 civilization (Kardashav scale), currently we’re type 0. The hardest obstacle humanity is yet to face will be this transition from type 0 to type 1 (Video here). On the logic side we have integration, tolerance, global communication and multiculturalism. Which can be seen growing in the world today*.This is opposed to the other side, weapons of mass destruction, selective human rights, anti-secularism, planet decay, rise of international terrorism and bias/ignorance of science.
We live in a world where we still need the energy of dead plants and animals to maintain power, which in turn is destroying the planet. Whereas 80% of the population are living in 3rd world conditions. 14% of US and 48% of India are illiterate and uneducated. There are 15,000 nuclear warheads and just 0.67% can render the earth uninhabitable, literally creating a means for our end. International movement groups trying to stop the world from progression and create monoculturalism. It’s going to be a bumpy road, but not necessarily long. As we don’t have much time left. We need to stop all this greed and single mindedness. Simply develop a higher level of awareness and consciousness. (TBC in part 2)


*There is a great site called Good Country it lists countries in their benefit to the world in subjects such as; Science, Technology, Culture, International peace, World order, Planet/Climate, Equality & Health. It’s very interesting to look at. See where your country ranks. It may surprise you!

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