There is a strong case against our survival as a species with how we’re effecting this earth and each other. However as of very recently a lot of things have started to change and are effecting the earth in a big way!

The Mammalian brain – Round 2 … Fight!

There’s numerous ways how homo sapiens are ourselves and the potentially the planet. There is good news though! Since the 20th century we have had access to global communication which helps improve advancement. The science revolution has also allowed us to discover our ignorance and become more aware of our place in the universe. Both of these together has helped create a global understanding where we are starting to speak as one.

Global Communication

The internet. Enough said. This miraculous invention helped bring us into a world where global communication is possible. Sure there was snail mail, scroll, messenger pigeons, phones and Morse code. None of these had the ability to connect a vast number of people so easily and share knowledge in seconds.
This is a must for a civilization to work as a whole and communicate as one.
How could you walk to the shops if your brain took 2 weeks to communicate to each leg, or if it had to contact each leg separately.   
This amazing fact alone effects all the following parts of progress & development. 


Even though science blind folds growth and is causing a lot of terrible things on this earth (ecological meltdown & nuclear threats). It is doing a lot to counter them. 
However even before either of these were threats in early modern Europe (Renaissance 1600s) Science helped us discover our ignorance in what we don’t know about the universe. At this time we discovered that we are not the center of the universe and are in no way a only planet. Huge steps forward in mathematics. Invention of a printing press allowing larger distribution of information. Arguably the most important was the Scientific method; When a problem is identified, data is gathered, a hypothesis is formulated and the hypothesis is empirically tested.(i.e. Galileo using this to prove his mother wasn’t a witch).

All this allowed us to move away from strict religious beliefs and start to discover more about ourselves and the universe we live in. Then thirst for more knowledge, and like Adam, we were thrown out of the religious garden of blindness and into a world of discovery.

Global Understanding

The collaboration of global communication and the advancement of science has started to create a higher understanding. It’s becoming more impossible for there to be a dictator present in our society. It’s hard for something that’s seen morally incorrect in our society to go unnoticed now days. There are small pockets of the world that do have some inconsistent morals based on the majority i.e. Wars, Wemons rights, sexuality or even your position. However these are small areas and will have little impact on the future development of our society. 

We are improving on our global values. Only 100 years ago peace between to countries meant that there’s no war happening currently, though next year may be different. Peace nowadays means of its permanency, and a complete impossibility of war.
We are beginning to act and respond as a collective and this is an essential attribute if we are to progress forward and not destroy ourselves.

The Neocortex

All this advancement was made possible by our brain, more specifically, the Neo Cortex. A part that helps us think logically about situations, perceive ideas from other points of view and create ideas that have never been thought of. This is something that Dinosaurs lacked and are in early stages of development in most mammals. 
If we want to continue to let the only existence of life we know in the universe to keep existing. We better start putting it to good use.

This is just a brush on what’s happening and what could happen. If you want to learn out more the greatest book I can Recommend is Homo Deus 

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