Here’s something you can do if you need some guidance, even just for life in general. Meditate and be mindful.

Why Meditate?

Meditation has been done for a very long time however only recently with global communication started to be widely accepted being adopted into western practice. It often gets a bad wrap and a lot of people tease it (including my brother). However there are many benefits that’s why this practice has lasted so long! Not many have lasted this long!

  • Why Not? – Everyone has so much time on the hands with Coronavirus. That even if this has a slight chance of helping or improving your life then why not give it a go. Do you need more hours on Netflix?

  • Clearance – Meditation helps clear the mind of worries. Depression if your mind keeps living in the past or anxiety if you’re focused on the future. 

  • Guidance   Often you can come up with a goal or something you want to achieve in life after or atleast come up with something you want to do after you’re done meditating rather then just sitting on Netflix again.
  • Ideas – Have you ever taken a shower and thought of a revolutionary idea. That’s because a shower is almost like a ‘Micro Meditation’ Your mind is completely free of worries. You’re just focusing on washing yourself or singing or just chilling in the shower(Well atleast when you come up with ideas)

Different Styles

You don’t have to just sit there. It’s not even hard to start as a beginner. There are a range of different types or styles to try:

  • Guided – There are many talks out on Youtube or podcast apps that help you through a guided meditation. You can find different teachers and lengths. There’s even an App; Waking Up – Sam Harris
  • Breath/Mantra The most common practiced in Eastern. Where a mantra is repeated or you focus on your breath. The reason the breath is chosen is because in your hole life, that will be the only consistency (Yes you have a heart beat, but how easy is it to listen to).
    • Interior – While clearing the mind and just having the present breath in mind. To monitor your body signs. From the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Feel your stomache moving or digesting. The tingles you get on your arms. How your hair feels. just everything.
    • Exterior – Again just focusing on instead your surroundings. What birds you can hear, noises being made,vibrations from the earth, breeze on your skin or smells by your nose. 

The Beard & Micro-Meditation

When you’re living in the present moment it’s reaching the same goal of meditation. You become mindful and don’t forget what you were doing, where you put your keys or how you drove somewhere. Here are some fun ways I’ve found to clear your mind, I like to call them Micro Meditation or Micro Mindfulness techniques.

  • Beard & Hair – Have you had or friends gone deep into thought while stroking their beard or twirling there hair. My theory is because it brings them into the moment. Giving them something to focus on now rather then getting lost in thoughts. Even when someone tickles your back and you just relax great way to clear the mind.
  • Teeth Brushing – A great way to get kids into learning meditation is from brushing their teeth. While brushing don’t focus on anything else other then the bristles on each tooth and your gums. 
  • Ask this question – Eckhart Tolle says to ask yourself this simple question to be awaken in the present moment; “What will my next thought be?”
  • Just Hanging – I hammock a lot! Just finding a place in nature where you wouldn’t rather be or don;t need to be anywhere lese getting comfy and just enjoy being immersed by life is another amazing way to enjoy the present moment. My friend said ‘Laying in a hammock is like being hugged by nature’.

There you have it. A few great reasons why to start meditation and easy ways to practice it. Now try it. Do it.

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