Ever wanted superpowers or discussed best power to have. Everyone seems to have their favourite power and it’s always an interesting and fun topic. Though going to discuss here how they’ve already been invented and we take them for granted.

Although these all use technology and our minds we’ve collectively developed over history. None the less give us tremendous power that is definitely undervalued and equivalent to superpowers.

Strength; Biologically we’ve invented the gym and have created some pretty impressive super men and woman that are capable of feats unimaginable even a few decades ago (maybe with some substances help). Though even without this with a serious of well design levy’s or pullies we’re capable of lifting far more than our animal counter parts. This is not even considering inventions our mind has helped create like the crane or bulldozer. Come on elephant, bring it on!

Speed; Besides the obvious motor vehicles. Self-propelled devices like the bicycle put humans from one of the slowest to nearly the fastest with a simple device we thought of. A skateboard makes use of gravity and could easily out do any animal when gravity is on its side with no effort from the user. Even snowboarders could outrun avalanches incapable of many animals.

Flying; Planes, helicopters & air balloons. Done you’re flying, if they were invisible you’d have the whole world fooled. Though even a step down from that is, paragliding, wing suits & kite surfing. Even when I’m skating down a hill I have a euphoric feeling that I’m flying.

Guess you’re starting to see where we’re coming from how technology has assisted us in creating what originally seems like unimaginable powers. Though you may be disappointed with these answers allow your imagination to go a little further. i.e. Imagine if I was skating on an invisible skateboard, you’d believe I was flying. There may be some height and ground limitations though I’d still be flying. Now imagine if it was an invisible hover board, and boom, I’m now Wonder Woman in her invisible jet flying.

Invisibility; Easy, cameras. They might not give you a physical appearance though it is so easy now days to get a camera and go almost anywhere unknowingly. Small drone cameras are even making this more of a real power.

Teleportation; in 2020 had a virtual party with my friends around the world, yet they were all with me. Yes it was a flat screen and couldn’t hug them though it was still extremely powerful being able to connect and communicate with them. Can’t wait to see where this space goes with VR.

Mind Reading; Less done by us and more by our AI counterpart. Bet there have been many occasions when a recommended video comes up or a song you wanted to listen to. Even interesting news that’s popped up on your feed or even a reminder you set and forgot about pops up. Or what about a fact or a calculation you want to know. It’s not exactly mind reading although it’s combing your mind with an AI intelligence that significantly assists you.


Rather than thinking about all the ways we don’t have any powers. It’s a lot more fun to conceive all the ways we do, because we really do. With technology progressing as it is it’ll only keep improving. Kids nowadays are capable of creating and doing so much because of the previous generations. Standing on the shoulders of giants we are making a race into a super species interlaced with technology with the power of our own mind.

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