Looking at our planet as a whole, as one being or one organism. Then zooming out and comparing our little spec of dust to the rest of the universe it dwarfs a lot of issues that we are currently facing as a species. We’ve only been in existence for a fraction of a second in comparison to the cosmic existence. Despite our impressive knowledge and self awareness we can quite easily go the same way as the dinosaurs. A species far passing our physical capabilities and occupying earth for 800x longer! 

Mammalian Vs Reptilian Brain 

Unlike dinosaurs though, we developed a neocortex. This will definitely be our key to survive as a species, being responsible for logical thinking, abstraction, planning, perception and we can only assume self awareness. 

However will this be enough? The reptilian brain and early limbic system still controls a lot of our actions. The limbic system being in control of emotions and that ‘gut feeling’ you get. 
This is responsible for global issues such as cold wars where if someone else has a stick, I need a bigger one. Or wars and genocides from fear out of something new. Even environmental issues where greed controls all. 

Reptilian Brain… fight!

Cold Wars & War

Arguably one of the worse ways we can destroy our planet. In history there has been some progressive Cold Wars such as the space race. Although the lack of communication between countries still compromised our progress (Russian having a much larger amount of achievements and knowledge until .”69). 
The worst one we’re undergoing at the moment is nuclear warheads. Every country needs them because every country has them. This is the reptilian brain acting out of fear and not logical thinking. 
All of the bombs in World War 2 dropped over 6 years, adds up to ~200 Megatons. Now days 1 thermonuclear bomb is equal to that. ALL of the bombs from a 6 years war, with 1 bomb. There is currently 15,000 of them in the world!
It would only take 100 to destroy our planet and send our species on it’s way to annihilation. All in 1 lazy afternoon.

Global Warming & Societal Growth

We’re progressing very rapidly. So much that earth hasn’t had time to adapt or support growth. We’re burning through pre-historic fossil fuels, creating more waste then ever and not stopping any time soon. 
Global warming everyone must understand by now isn’t a good thing and isn’t going away anytime soon. We all can help improve the situation however the real changes and effects are in the hands of a few. These same few are in control of societies growth. There always has to be a bigger better or new thing. This is reptillian brain always searching for a future state and being controlled by the narrating self as apposed to the experiencing self (more on that in future posts)
The worst thing about this now days is that science blindfolds growth.
Global warming isn’t happening to the man who goes from his air conditioned house drives his car to the office orders food steak sandwich, delivered. Drives home has another huge meal where he wastes half of it and can then relax on a couch and be plugged into a box.
This is extremely dangerous because the people that it will effect last, have the largest impact on the situation. We are literally walking blindfolded into a slaughterhouse. 

It’s looking pretty bleak for us at the moment. Check the next post for round 2!

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