Last week I wrote about if you’re happy. Here’s an easy way to pursuit happiness without thinking about it to much. That’s actually the biggest key. Is to not think about it.
Some of the greatest joy can be found in creating something for yourself. When a man does more then he is required he becomes a true free man.

How to ‘become’ happy

Happiness is never something that can be attained by seeking anywhere else other then inside yourself. Nothing in this world that can be definitely good or bad, only our judgement or perception of the event.

There’s been a few studies done on lottery winners and their progression of happiness compared to victims in serious accidents where they’ve become paraplegic. Simply what they found was shortly after the event the lottery winners happiness did rise. However it peaked after a week and by week 3 it was back at their base level from before winning the lottery. Interestingly more often then not averaged lower then before they won. 
Comparatively to the patients and victims immediately after the event their happiness did drop but as short as 2 weeks after it was back to normal, even higher.
The analyse of this concluded that because they saw the extremes of their event. Their relative happiness also shifted. Lotto winners saw extreme wealth & spending, therefore needed a more to reach that level again. As for the victims they saw there life almost vanish. So then started appreciating every second more despite the event. 

The victims moved on and continued to progress they learnt that material is wasteful if you can’t learn to live without it. Then every second can be a gift or a present.

Some joyful people also have their mind fixed on something, a goal or purpose. Contrasted to people that just desire to be happy. The goal creates their happiness. There is no standing still in life you’re either growing or dying.

“An old man was planting an orange tree and his neighbour said ‘There’s no point, you’ll never get to eat its fruit’, the old man just smiled and replied ‘You have to plan on dying tomorrow or living forever'”  

This demonstrates the man was enjoying himself no matter if he wasn’t going to see the oranges grow he was still had his task that needed to be done or he wanted to do and he got joy in that moment. He is planning on growing who unlike his neighbour will just sit their and wait.

A lot of people easily attain this growing sensation when they create a goal. Even when it’s something small to look forward to like an event or trip. Every day till that trip you might be working a job you don’t like all week but you know it’s worth it for the trip because of the money you save. However if people didn’t have that north star to look forward to it would just be another bleak week.

Starting from the smallest measurement of your life, present moment, to the day then all the way back looking at your hole life. You’re either, growing or declining. Living or dying. Simply you can choose to have a life living or dying.

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