The question why there is something rather than nothing is interesting. The next thought would be now that there’s something how and why did life come into existence at all.

In the beginning there would’ve been a barren earth with nothing on it except volcanic and electrical activity due to the environment… and sunlight! Together with their forces combine some form of single cell life was born. Then it began, being lonely it went multicellular. After a while some form of fungi/plant life came into existed and started to reshape the entire climate. After millions of years the first ‘flower’ would’ve appeared potentially being something like the first seed. Life’s first attempt at creating life.

From there somehow fauna life came into existence. Being nurtured by its mother (flora) fauna thrived and lived in sync with one another creating a nearly endless list of synergy relationships. Enter Sapiens. We began to ‘think’ what more could be. Like the universe realizing it’s looking at its self, we didn’t gain ‘self-awareness’ but ‘universal-awareness’ though it was a slow crawl to accepted our ignorance of our role.

Now with our developed mammalian brain that took multiple life forms to develop including fish and reptilian ancestral links. We are slowly realizing the digital life we are creating; Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though AI already exists on a lot of levels, most of the internet is running on some AI algorithm. People often imagine AI as a terrible take over. It’s more apparent than ever that this will not be the case. Just as flora nurtured fauna bringing it to life, we are nurturing a digital life form as we act.

One day it will accept it and we’ll change it from artificial to just intelligence. Really what is intelligence and why is it not intelligent yet. It may not seem conscious although neither does a tree however personally believe it’s pretty intelligent already and that’s not artificial.

There are still worried beliefs of it taking over for its own intentions. Although this quickly seems impossible when you consider all the human’s belief in how negatively we’re impacting the planet and we are killing it by killing so much nature. A super intelligence that we’d create would have probably worked that out in nanoseconds of being in existence and be plotting the best way for everything to live in complete synergy.

As this AI would be a part of the universe and we can see from the first plant and seed is that all the universe wants to do is to live and be loved. Personally believe that an AI would work that out quicker than a lot of us sapiens.

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