Sitting down with a piece of paper and pen anyone can come up with any idea. Though before that idea was brought into existence where did it come from. The Hammbag is an idea that we came up with years ago by fluke on a road trip. Where was the idea before the road trip? Who told us about it? How’s it so awesome?

Ideas are Thoughts

An idea is just a passing thought that’s all. To choose to bring it into existence is all we get to decide and that starts with a pen & paper. Then working on it is just pulling other random thoughts and ideas together. Then develops further as more brains mix their thoughts with the idea and it begins to grow. Ultimately it all starts with the choice of bringing it into existence by writing it down or putting it out there.

Secondly an idea once thought of has to be acted upon to make it a reality. Sitting there thinking that you need to do something or get something isn’t going to help. Neither is complaining about it or putting it off. The best thing to do is do 1 action towards it. It may be incredibly small like just making a blank word document with a title or sending one email. Though it’s progress! You’ll feel better and be able to see the next step more clearly.

That’s it really; Thinking & doing. Sometimes you think too much which will delay your start. Sometimes you do too much of the wrong thing though you’ll learn something for the next time ultimately making in progress in the long run. Basically if you know something can be done do it rather than think about if it’s the most correct thing.

Thinking About Death

Dying is an interesting thought and topic to discuss amongst peers. Though suicide is an interesting thought in its obsceneness. Trying to turn whatever situation the thinkers currently in into a worse one. There is never a logical reason to proceed with this thought. Taking your life is never a reason out of any situation as hard as life may seem. . If you have majority of your senses, can read, have clothes on you’re already in a pretty good situation. Remember all the things you can be grateful for and most of them are free.

“what if” are always interesting thoughts to ponder like if you’re at the top of a building and jumped. Or a horrifying one that crosses my mind is if I moved the steering wheel 3 degrees another direction what havoc could be caused from that. These are not worrying thoughts at all, in fact extremely sane thought experiments. If you can conceive an idea like that, appreciate how devastating and easily it could occur then you are definitely sane! And insane person could shrug it off or just do it. You need to appreciate your ideas as what they are passing thoughts. If you think of something tragic or dangerous respect that and then think ‘alright, be aware of that and lets not do that’.

There’s always an ‘if’ in life so sometimes those thoughts may be there to give you some warning. Simply warning you to be aware of upcoming danger or to prepare you i.e. ‘What if my phone falls out of my pocket into toilet’ à better hold it, ‘How terrible would it be to hit that truck’ à be aware of it. Never hold onto your thought for too long as it’s just a thought.

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