Your body is basically a thinking giant water filter. It can only grow from what you put into it. Then it does something and magically turns whatever you just ate into you. If a dog eats the same food as you it’s not going to turn into a human the food will become the dog. Interestingly our body is made up more or less of 2 elements (water, earth) then uses the other 2 (Fire, Air) to function. Because the body is made from those elements they constantly need to be nourished. We use air in combination with it to run our bodily functions through electrical signals (fire). 

Our bodies are an incredible systems that are in an unique balance. There’s so much we don’t know, even just how we grow our own hair or digest our food. Discussing this topic it’s important to think with an open mind. As tempting as it is to remain joyfully ignorant about the food we eat. We should remember “Ignorance breeds diversification, whilst knowledge creates unity”. 

You Are Literally What You Eat 

That’s it. Your body develops from whatever you put into it. So why would we abuse the most precious device that we got given to us (Probably because we got it for free). An intriguing thought is what we consider our ‘normal’ diet to be or should be. How that is literally formed depending where you are in the world and other variables including income or personal preference. There is no real ‘correct’ diet however there could be more mindful eating and awareness to what we put in our body. 

There are a lot of movies coming out showing the terrible side of the food industry. Some people choose to not watch and remain ignorant to the process. Though if you aren’t hunting or directly involved in collecting the food you should have some understand of how it got there (Watching a short move is a lot better then spending the day hunting). There’s a really hectic Youtube video if you wish to become more aware of some of the process. Sadhguru talks about the karmic implications of the food you eat and that you can absorb that too if the proper respect isn’t given to the meal. (Have previously talked about a potential eco diet here)

Your Body Tells You

After a big or ‘dirty’ meal people often feel bloated or lethargic. Despite eating all that food it didn’t give the perceived energy. Sometimes it’s just because your body wants to rest and recover although that means the food will rest on your body instead of being burned. These feelings is our body trying to tell our ignorant brain what’s wrong or could be better. After all if your stomach was conscious and wanted to tell your brain somethings up it would probably make a noise or something. Even certain meals can disturb your sleeping pattern. Sometimes people eat out of habit or just because they think they should. There are a lot of cultures and traditions that fast. Even more research are showing benefits of giving your body a rest. If your body doesn’t feel like eating you don’t have to.   

Your Body is Your Thoughts

When you see someone for the first time you can kind of workout who they are just by there appearance. If they’re smiling or  have laugh lines, if there mouth is resting in a frown, how they move or even how they speak. The easiest and at the same time hardest way to alter your demina is by thinking what you think about. Are they positive thoughts that’s helping you progress or are you being controlled by fear and negative ideas. Our brains literally control our personal universe as the body won’t go where the mind won’t take it (Discuss how powerful our bodies are here). Your body reacts to whatever your mind is telling it. 

Learn 1 Dish

To learn more about yourself and body everyone should attempt to know how to cook atleast one meal. One dish that you really like. Everyone may not be a fantastic chef and can freestyle the whole meal preparation process. Although everyone can cook. Cooking is just following a list of instructions in the kitchen; a recipe. This will encourage you to explore what you actually enjoy in a meal. Besides learning basic cooking skills which is a necessity because we need to eat in life. It will also show to everyone else something about you which tells more then words would be able to. From there you can learn about other peoples favourite dishes and share your own. It doesn’t matter if it’s incredibly simple or a crazy concoction. Having something that’s uniquely your dish will help you to appreciate the process of meal preparation.
Tip: Learn some fun cooking tips or hacks with your recipe. Even unique ingredients to use. After practicing your one dish a few times start getting creative and exploring what you can do with it. Then you can share even more fun tips.

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