I had the gift of turning 27 the other day. Here are some thoughts about your age and how what you think of it can impact your year drastically.  

How old are you?

So much preconception can be placed on someone just by knowing or even assuming their age. When you make certain milestones of life it’s definitely something to celebrated. However putting it on something as arbitrary as age just shows our laziness for it’s convenience.Societies standards of age on position and status put unnecessary expectations on personal self image.  


Rules are enforced based on age not allowing people to do certain things until they’ve reached a certain number of years of life experience. Some of these are protection laws. Saying that it’s particularly bad for the body because it hinders development. However banning someone on doing a activity or conversely saying their capable of doing something based on their years. Does not show adequate understanding or knowledge for the activity evolved. Every ones different. I agree that rough or estimated age of achievement could help people break out of comfort zones to push their boundaries. 

Physical Changes

Some things we relate to age is the physical changes every ones going through. This helps categorize people; Puberty, menopause. However not necessarily by age. Every ones different.  

Societies Perception

A lot of expectations are placed on people to reach a particular goal or level of achievement before a certain age. Having specific profiles that everyone must meet to be in the standard. Again everyone’s different and times are always changing. It’s almost impossible now to have standards with the consistently changing trends today.

“Mental Age”

A term usually to demonstrate someone isn’t acting like societies perception of their current age. Usually the higher the number the more uptight, boring or cynical. The lower shows optimism, creativity or imagination. Used somewhat accurately when people trying to rank maturity although that is difficult to measure.

All it is – Laps around the sun

In the end it’s a lap around the sun. It shows how many goes you’ve had and doing this amazing track. The amount of experience you get is completely dependent on you and how you choose to make it.

Going to be a good year!

When people say how awesome a year is going to be because they’re turning a redundant age is a little upsetting. Even if some rules or laws are uplifted. Every year is going to be awesome! They’re all going to come and go whether you make it or not. So you may as well smash it! 

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