Depth vs Breadth of Knowledge

This is an interesting concept of knowledge, to either have a depth of it, expertise in a specific area or to have a breadth of understanding of a general topic. This idea can be brought into all walks of life. From subjects or careers to adventure and love life. Is it better to have one […]

A 5/yo in charge of a 1b$ fighter jet

A five year old in charge of a 1 billion dollar fighter jet! This sounds ludicrous right! however it happens every day, to most of us. I’m talking about the average person’s mind controlling their body. You may still be confused. Everyday a person’s mind is controlling their body, and no matter what the task […]

Best 7 Party Group Games!

A lot of the time at parties you hear someone yell, Let’s play a drinking game!. Then everyone’s like, that’s a good idea but everyone scrambles over the thought of which one to play. Eventually resulting in Kings. Here is your solution! The 7 best large group drinking games you can play! All these games can […]