A 5/yo in charge of a 1b$ fighter jet

A five year old in charge of a 1 billion dollar fighter jet! This sounds ludicrous right! however it happens every day, to most of us. I’m talking about the average person’s mind controlling their body. You may still be confused. Everyday a person’s mind is controlling their body, and no matter what the task […]

Best 7 Party Group Games!

A lot of the time at parties you hear someone yell, Let’s play a drinking game!. Then everyone’s like, that’s a good idea but everyone scrambles over the thought of which one to play. Eventually resulting in Kings. Here is your solution! The 7 best large group drinking games you can play! All these games can […]

Watching or writing your story?

In life, you have endless amount of decisions you make each day. However, are they really your decisions to make? Do you have free will? Or have you been preprogrammed to make those decisions? Has it been determined before you even make it? These are two opposing beliefs; libertarian free will, that some human actions […]

Meaning of Life

This is a rather intense question. A lot of philosophers have tackled this thought and have come up with many different answers. The problem is that it’s a very poorly defined question. Life as a whole really has three different forms. The most commonly thought about is your own personal life. What is the reason […]

Work, live, passion or purpose?

There are infinite ways to look at life as you live it. However, it usually ends up falling into one of four categories. You live to work, work to live, follow your passion, or find your life’s purpose. Although, what do they all mean; How do you simply ‘find your passion’? When do you know […]

Logical life (part 2)

For the whole world to develop higher awareness or consciousness, it simply comes down to the fact that we need to understand ourselves. We need to realise that we are one planet, one organism. Science for years now recognises an organism at war with itself is doomed. Humanity has turned against itself in so many […]

Logical life (part 1)

Our world has progressed a lot very recently, creating inventions that weren’t even thought imaginable a short time ago. Yet humanity seems to be too caught up with itself to see the ‘big picture’. We’re going through a crucial time for our survival as a species. Within the next 50 to 100 years we’re going […]