Content for a wide range of perspectives;

  • Reading and discussing about philosophy or ideas of life
  • Peoples potential and their ‘minds eye’ and societies potential
  • Drinking pioneer. 100s of drinking games knowledge, party & drinking tips
  • Travel enthusiast in every sense. Camping, backpacking, van life, hiking & general adventures. Have 1000s of travel tips in all areas (not joking)
  • Endless new & creative ideas that love to discuss. Even simply to create a mastermind group and ideate together

Split into categories. One which is focused on philosophy; Amature Pioneers Logic (APL)
A section for just Travel Tips (T^2). There’s a whole other section for specific hammock tips!
A page just for a Drinking Guidto help you in any situation
Even a … fictional section where we discuss other recreational activities

Amatuer Pioneers Logic - Blog

Other Stuff...


A hammock, backpack/bag & towel I invented on a Byron Bay road trip with a mate.


Boards On Tour

1000km skateboard trip I did from Berlin to Amsterdam for Starlight & Camp Quality. To support kids in hospital.

Boards on Tour

Drinking Games Guide

An application in the works to be the ultimate drinking games guide. The only one you’ll ever need!

Drinking Games Guide

Keep updated! 

Every Tuesday will do a new post! A lot of posts will be published on Medium. All posts in APL will also be re-recorded and we’ll have an online podcast that you can access from iTunes, Spotify or Anchor
A few posts will have videos either linked to our Facebook or YouTube.
If you follow us on Instagram (@the.cavern) aswell we’ll let you know everytime we do a new post and what it is about.

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