This will be a space where I’ll be writing about our ideas and thoughts on all aspects of life. From thoughts about society, new ideas & meaning of life, to tips on travel & what pubs to go to. Plus anything else the Caverneers stumble upon.

This blog is great for a wide range of perspectives. If you like or are interested any of the following be sure to keep posted;

  • Reading and discussing about philosophy or ideas of life
  • Peoples potential and their ‘minds eye'(‘3rd eye’) and societies potential
  • Drinking pioneer. 100s of drinking games knowledge, party & drinking tips
  • Travel enthusiast in every sense. Camping, backpacking, van life, hiking & general adventures. Have 1000s of travel tips in all areas (not joking)
  • Endless new & creative ideas that love to discuss. Even simply to create a mastermind group and ideate together


We split the sections up into different categories. There are already 2 one which is focused on philosophy, Amature Pioneers Logic (APL) and another primarily for travelling with a hammbag, Hammbagler. There’ll be a few more categories rising in the next few weeks. Such as Travel Tips (T^2) & Drinking Guide (DG).

Keep updated! 

Every Tuesday will do a new post! A lot of posts will be published on Medium. All posts in APL will also be re-recorded and we’ll have an online podcast that you can access from iTunes, Spotify or Anchor
A few posts will have videos either linked to our Facebook or YouTube.
If you follow us on Instagram (@the.cavern) aswell we’ll let you know everytime we do a new post and what it is about.

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