Got a party you’re hosting; Halloween, Boxing Day, New Year Eve? Or just a Summer House Party!? This will help you come up with an Idea for a party. We don’t just mean a theme we mean a whole party idea. There is some unique, fun ideas. They’re all legendary.

Fridge 2 Fridge

Simple, easy, cheap, fun, can take up to a whole day. Description: Start by selecting friends houses that you wish to party at during the day. Each house is responsible for filling their fridge up with the grog. Could be beer, wine, goon, punch, sangria or really anything. Have a starting house and once the fridge is empty make your way to house 2 and so on. Ideas:
  • Houses to far? Use public transport or bikes to add to the adventure
  • Need funds? have everyone chip in $10 and the kitty gets divided between houses
  • Need an additional house? stop in a park and split into groups to share some alcohol
  • Add some fun!? Theme the fridge 2 fridge. make it a dress up or wear something silly i.e. Suits, ABC (Anything but clothes), school field day, Cartoon Characters, Super heroes…. anything
  • More fun? Theme the houses! You could do decorative themes (haunted house, rainbow party)
  • Or even! Make each house has it’s own rule i.e Floor is Lava, Gentleman’s Rules, Left hand only
  • Tournament? Each house has a game tournament that must be played, and have an overall winner at the end

Pub Golf

Hectic, Intense, abit pricey, half day

Description: Start by mapping out 9 or 18 pubs. Each pub is considered a hole. A drink must then be assigned to each pub with a par number. The par number is how many sips/gulps/drinks it should take. i.e. Hole#5/Pub#5 (Par 4) = 1 pint of beer.  Meaning if you drink the pint in 6 gulps your score would be +2 (6-par 4). Additional rules: +1 stroke = Spilling a drink +1 stroke = Breaking a hazard rule +2 strokes = Falling down +2 strokes = For every hole missed. +2 strokes = Being refused a drink or kicked out of a bar +5 strokes = Cheating +10 strokes = Throwing Up +20 strokes = Starting fights with other golfers


  • Attire? Usually full golfing outfit is required. However doing it in suits or a theme of your choise is also fun
  • Hazards! Make the holes more interesting by adding hazards to some bars. Some hazards include; Water feature – No Bathroom breaks Sand traps – No sitting Buffaloes – Left hand only Gentlemens game – No swearing …. come up with your own
  • The green? Have a house or park to finish up after where scores can be tallied and winner and losers can be rewarded with prizes and punishments
  • Forfeits! if you loose a punishment should be agreed upon prior to game
  • Scoring? Usually each player gets a score card. But welcome to the 21st century! Create a public sheet online people can check and edit. Use facebook, Google sheets, Keep, Onenote…. anything

ZomBIER Crawl

Hectic, Funny, Cheap to Pricey, Half day to hole day A fun themed pub crawl where you need to survive the Zombie apocalypse, drunk. You must dress up in a character that might survive the apocalypse i.e. Marathon runner, Rambo, Pilot, Red Neck, Surfer… anything you think that could survive. This is game is a blast with rules like if you do become a Zombie you have 5 short minutes to run to the bar and do a shot! Description: Check Booz-E for details

Aussie BBQ & Pool Day

Classic, Cheap, Fun, Whole day Description: Well it pretty much is summed up in the title. All you need is a backyard or park & a BBQ. Also a pool (Inflatable will do) is preferable. The amount of games and activity to do with this glorious setup is outrageous. Backyard (Pool) Cricket – Simply backyard cricket however the crease is the inflatable pool. This allows for some majestic dives and some interesting plays. More details in Booz-E. Pool Kings – King of Beers in the pool. Use a milk crate as a table. Basic kings, however the pool allows for some good additional rules and some more unique dares. More details in Booz-E. Wizard Staff – If you’re drinking tinnies at any even this is a great game to play. Basically each new tinnies you open you Duct tape it onto your previous one. Person with longest staff is head wizard. You start of by being a mage. There’s dragons, wizard council & even duels. More details in Booz-e! BOAT slip & slide – Basically a BOAT race between 2 teams. However they start at one side of the slip & slide. only after a team mate has successfully flipped their cup the next team mate can slide down. Makes it really interesting when both teams racing down the same slide. Flunky Ball – Details in Booz-E Beer Olympics – Details in Booz-E And there is more! … but you guessed it…. more details in Booz-E ;P

Road Trip Warz

Long, Fun, 2 Days (min), Unique Description: If you’re going camping or of to stay in a legendary airBnB somewhere or even just getting the train down to the coast with some mates. As long as there is a trip involved you can embody this into the activities. Depending on people, Either split into teams (4-6 per team, usually a car = 1 team) or if smaller group have individuals. Before the trip conduct a list of tasks & dares that the team/individual must accomplish and assign points to each. Before the end of the first night each team must come up with a team name (can theme names i.e. Movie spinoffs, Bad sporting names). Some tasks & dare ideas; Best photo doing a hand stand, Get on the radio, nudie run or swim, take something from another team, lick a randoms face. Depending on your crew you can get a nice or as bad as you like. More ideas; If each team selects a mascot (Kinder Surprise or a teddy) this mascot must be protected and photograph at each location… There are alot more in Booz-E!

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