Clips onto anything, shoe holder, correct hammock angle, washing your hammbag and more hammock tips.

Basic hammock tips

A few useful tips for setting up and using a hammock.

Good hanging angle

When hanging for a sleep a good angle to hang at is 30 degrees. An easy way to measure is with your hands.

Clips onto anything

Or clips anything! The carabiners allow you to easily clip you hammbag to any backpack, bike or suitcase. They also allow you to clip anything you want to it; Speaker, keys, extra bag,

Extra grip & length

Use the hammbag padded straps for an extra length. Either by putting it through the ring then weaving the grunt strap. Make extra grip by either;
  • putting the padded strap around the tree
  • double wrapping the grunt strap
  • Use a thong or shoe on the surface

Shoe holder

Hang shoes, clothes or anything from the hammbag ropes.

Washing your hammbag

When washing it don’t forget you can use fabric softener to make uber comfy and soft.

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