Travel card hack, clip thongs & skateboard and simple fold up.
Here we’ll show you how to pack up your bag. Aswell as a few handy tips!


Use your travel card

Put your travel card in the flap pocket to easily tap on to any transport

Clip your thongs on!

Clip your thongs onto one of the clips for convenience at the beach.

Clip it on as a Sarong!

After using it as a towel, put it with towel against your body and flap hanging to your right. Wrap around and use clips to attach as a sarong!You can still use the flap as a beer pocket or side velcro pocket. Roll the top over teh clip to make it shorter.

Attach your skateboard

Hook your skateboard onto the bag loop or one of the sides of the strap.

Anti sand material

Not really a tip, but because the canvas has tight weave sand doesn’t stick to it!

Hammock -> Single Strap Bag

1. Make the strap

First make the hammbag strap. Put a grunt strap through either side of a Hammbag strap and join it. Then clip a carabiner to each grunt strap. Hint: We’ve the grunt straps through both straps for extra padding.

2. Fold in half

Lay the Hammbag flat and fold it in half and joing the veltro. You’re then going to fold it at each tab, starting from the left. Hint: If you have any stuff you can leave it in the Hammbag.

3. Left, left

Fold the bag into 5ths from the left. Fold it so the metal ring touches the bottom left of the Hammbag flap.

4. Right, right

Now fold it twice from the right. Again make it so the metal ring touches the bottom right of the flap.

5. Attach the strap

Attach the carabiner through the loops. Don’t forget the ring.(5 loops + 1 ring on right) (4 loops + 1 ring on left) Hint: Put your finger through first then guide the carabiner on.

6. Clip the clips

Clip the 2 buckles together. on the left and the bottom.

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