This blog has been hammock tips, how to hammock or anything hammbag related. There’ll be a slight change for all future posts. Any hammock tips or related topics can now be found on the new hammbag website!

Everything here will now be about the Hammbaglar. A super hero who tries to make the world a better place with unique twist on the world. 

Hammbaglars Almighty Powers


Hamburger Appearance

At his will, he can summon a burger of any kind, shape  or size into reality. Where it comes from we do not know. However we never question this god like ability


Hammock Cape

He can flip horizontally and magically make his cape turn into a perfect hammock between any 2 points. There does not need to be 2 trees, it can be any 2 points 


Cape Appearance!

 He can get up and fly away with his cape on his back and the magical comfy hammock still in place… Oh and he can fly

In Practice ...

Meet Bob. He got a flat tire driving home on a Friday afternoon. He’s also had a terrible week at the office!

Bob starts to walk home because he’s hungry and believes his wife has made dinner. Little does Bob know she will be home late and will not of made dinner. Bob stumbles upon a hammock with a magnificent looking burger

Bob eats the burger and has a nice ‘tac30’ in the hammock. 
*tac30, a quick 30 minute nap that may loose 30 minutes but gains the rest of the day

Bob feels mighty refreshed and comes home with a chirpy and happy attitude

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