Sometimes you struggle to share your experience you had with your hammock to your friends that. Here are the best ways to capture your hammock adventures!

Get up, Setup Shot!

When you wake up in the morning, the sun is usually rising and it’s an amazing feeling. Take a photo with the morning sun of your awesome setup!
double bunking morning wake up get up setup photo
or have a clearer portrait to see the beautiful hammock setup better. If you got 2 people, only one needs to get up … the bottom bunk 😉
Make it more fun & turn it into a panorama!
Panorama morning get up photo hammock photo

Hammock Selfie – Advanced Panorama

Here is how to capture that moment when  having that bonding  you are having with your hammock and you never have to leave!
Hold your phone in front of you above your lap, Goto Panorama setting on Photos, Hold the phone where you want it to start, Touch capture or click the volume button to start, Rotate the phone in your hands until you want to stop it. Beware! some funny distortions may occur  

Make EVERYTHING more fun with Panorama

Panorama can do some pretty cool tricks and it’s definitely a useful skill to practice.

1. Selfies!

Great for taking a selfie, Panorama and group photo! All at once.

2. Group shots

Easy capture the hole moment, without walking 10 meters away from anyone!

3. fun duplicates

take amazing duplicate photos. Once they’ve been captured in half a selfie, have them run behind you and get on the other side

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