This guide focuses on what to bring into the actualy festival. What you would have on you or, basically what you could fit into a Bum Bag.

A good Bum Bag  || Hammbag

Firstly, someone in a group will be asigned as bag carrier and will be storing supplies for people as you sprolick amongst the festival. However if you are this person you want a solid Bum Bag! make sur it looks good, goes with your outfit, is sturdy & has good storage space. There’s a bunch out there!  Bobs Buckets are usually at festivals and have some great options!
If you want abit more space or looking to carry stuff for a few people. You cannot go passed a Hammbag for a festival bag. Great water cooler, Picnic mat, if some one needs a bit of a nanny nap easily set it up as a hammock anywhere!

Now you have one…

What to bring into a festival!

That when ou bring it out everyone will say,”You Legenddd!!!”.

  • Vicks Inhaler – This is great to clear up any congestion in your sines if it gets a bit dusty.
  •  Lolly Pops / Gum / Muesli bars – Great for a mid festival boost
  • Sunnies & Hat – Be sun safe!
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray – Aussie bush has all kind of threats
  • LED light / Head torch – A lot of the festival sun will be down
  • Water Bottle –  A good water bottle that can easily clip on & off
  • Walkie Talkie – great to chat with friends and usually you can find some other festival heads on the channels
  • Battery Pack – Always great for emergency charge
  • Pen & Paper – Great for writing quick notes for yourself or give to people you meet
  • Condoms – not for you, but your mate
  • Fan / Electric Fan –  Hand held or an electric on that can spray is good too!Just for Fun;
  • Cards – if a casual festival and could find a place to sit & chill
  • Glitter / Face Paint – Spontaneous decorating

The next morning…

Some great stuff to have once people wake from the day where you already stated as a legend.

  • Magnesium Tablets – Even better for before the festival
  • Milk Thistle Tablets – Good hangover recovery
  • Alovera / Bio oil – Great for after sun care
  • Beroca Tablets – Easy to bring and goes along way
  • Strapping tape / Band aids –  For all those post festival boo boos

After the next morning you would have moved up from legend to god. Be careful with your new found power, use it wisely.
Happy festivals!

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