Heading to a Festival soon? going to your first Bush Doof? Here is your guide for having the best possible experience, making sure you don’t forget anything!

This video was shot at Strawberry Fields Festival 2018 (facebook). We met such amazing people and had the best time! If you have never been to an Australian Bush Doof Festival we highly recommend this one. That being said you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The experience you have will literally be life changing. It was all captured by us at the Hammbag stalll.

The following Tips are from us and our friends who’ve been to a few, some are pretty obvious but others are quite unique and will seriously enhance your festival experience!

Festival Tips!

Water & Hydro-light equipment

Highly underrated but don’t forget a big water bottle (1L+). This will help you in early hours of the morning and throughout the day, if you didn’t know it gets hot in Australia.

If you bring a few emergency bottles of powerade or berocca, we guarantee you will be hailed as a god at some point 😉 Up & Go’s are perfect easy breakfast.

Transport in Festival

Some festivals are big enough to ride around on bikes! we built a billy cart once and have even seen people on mobility scooters. Off road scooters are good too!

Meal Prep!

All festivals have delicious food and be sure to try some because you never know what hidden gems you could find.
However, bring some food more filling than snacks, chips and lollies. Cause we all know you’re not going to forget that! But some sustenance.

We usually have a few good canned meals & Muesli bars but recently went with my  mate who Pre-Cooked a hole bunch of delicious meals and froze them! Then later heated up on a gas cooker. He made spag ball, curries and heap others.

2x Entertainment

The festival has a lot to do and is heaps of fun. But sometimes you just want to chill at camp and hang with your mates.

We recommend taking to forms of entertainment a Sit and chill kind and an activity movement kind. We usually bring a Deck of cards & Soccer ball. Great variety of games and entertainment!

Hectic Doof Stick

Having a group stick! Decorate it and go crazy. This helps your group find each other in the mosh and it’s just fun to show off your creativity. Add fairy lights to make it sparkle & a camera mount if you want some awesome shots from up high!

Flag for campsite (or Helium Balloon)

Create a large pole with a flag, or bring a balloon to tie to your site for quick drunken navigation. Lights are highly recommended for locating site during night time escapades.

Get to know your neighbours!

As soon as you set up, you should make an effort to meet your neighbours. They can mind your shit while you’re raving, introduce you to new music and the banter you’ll find could lead to crazy friendships. If you’re bothered, by your powers combined you can turn your spot into a mega hang out area.

Don’t forget

A few things that are useful;

  • Torch / head torch / lamp – a lot of parting happens at night 😉
  • chupa chups, Lollys and  chewing gum… you know why
  • Baby wipes – for quick showers and emergency toilet paper 😉
  • Towel – Don’t forget to bring a towel. Don’t Panic!
  • Hammock is also always useful
  • Blankies / Sleeping bag – It can get cold at night
  • Battery pack to charge your devices
  • Speakers
  • Walkie Talkies – There’s always some good bants on some channels
  • Sunnies & Sunscreen – You’re in Aus Mate
  • Costumes – show off your creativity and wits

During the Festival!

  • Want a shower? Go in early morning, before 9 am!
  • Drink at least 2L water before lunch, and have one prepared next to bed!
  • Organise a meeting point in case of lost strangers
  • Don’t sleep past 10am. You paid for a festival not a sleep in.
  • Some festivals have message boards, check them or communicate to your friends by having a group/team name
  • Plastic bags for rubbish!

Now go my young grass hopper, go and be a Festival professional.

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