This time we are all experiencing together is historic and because it’s such a change people seem to look at it with very negative attitude. There’s positives in every situation.

More then you think 

Any situation you are going through no matter how tough always has a positive side. Like Yin Yan, you can’t have one without the other. 

  • Change
    So much is changing but like everything change is never bad. We are in a part of time where technology is apart of our life. This has helped every generation appreciate that. Also the fact that everyone on an individual level is handling this current change well.  
  • Historic
    This will be in history books and people will always remember. generally throughout history we tend to make same mistakes a few times and then eventually learn. Although nowadays we’re getting better at learning from our mistakes because of the global communication and better recording and retrival of information. So even if something happens that’s terrible atleast in the long run we’ll be better for it. Look at even the worst wars, afterwards is always better then before (well obviously, but also overall). 
  • Creative
    Tough times like the great depression it forces people to be creative with themselves. Even at the worst times people still managed to thrive. This  time gives people the opportunity to try something, anything. Or even just think of ideas, plan for the future or just find themselves (There’s lots of good books out there!)
  • Get Ready… Get Set
    Well now everyone has to chill out for a while. All the parties have been cancelled or postponed even private events have been. This is just going to build up hype and anticipation! The moment things are open again or whatever survived ‘the storm’ it’s going to be crazy! See you there. 
  • No FOMO
    At the moment, it’s like the hole worlds been grounded and sent to their rooms. It’s very funny situation. Although at least everyone can feel at piece not feeling like they need to be anywhere or are missing out on anything that could be happening. This helps free everyone’s mind from any concerns or worry about not being where they are. That’s the only thing that really matters in life is being present where you are now.
  • Introverts & Extraverts
    Not being an introvert I can’t speak for them, but can imagine that they’re right at home. Being able to have some distance and time to their selves. Plus when it’s over, they’ll all be excited to come out and play! 😀 
    For an extrovert I can’t say no to event’s, and I’m always active doing something. This has given me personally a great excuse to sit at home and do work, think of ideas & just process thoughts. 
  • It Takes a Crisis
    When everything in your life is just ‘fine’ you don’t need to change or even look for ways to improve. The moment a life changing event happens then it gives people a reason or motive to improve their situation. If you’re stuck in a situation and you’re forced their and you don’t enjoy it then it just tells you that something needs to be done .   

Always a silver lining 

Looking at the bright side is a habit that should be taken through life. You can also be aware of the bad side just as long as you can think of just as many positives.  

I love meeting new people everyday, even more fun while travelling. One thing I hated was saying bye to them, It always sucked; “See ya… next time, I guess”. Someone then told me never be sad about saying bye. Instead be extremely grateful that you got to spend that moment in your life with them. Then you can start to look forward to when you will see them next, where will you be, how will have you both have grown, what will be new, different and you can share with each other. 

It’s just another way of looking at the same situation. 

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